Friday, 13 February 2015

Notes #7

It is ever thus in fashion and beauty, always in the eye of the beholder. Yet there is a movement in all things style, which is now upon us. Simplicity. Simplicity in form and feature. It is not easy to define as minimalism, nor would that be the correct conjecture of what is 'occurring'. Frankly what is occurring is a measured approach to how you wear your clothes and flaunt your style. Wow betide the wonderful and sadly dearly departed Steve Strange, because now excess is few careful placed bangles, or that understated necklace hidden within the fold of your silky shirt, merely delicately peeking, a hint of something. Even those delicious red lips are accompanied by scraped back hair or natural volume unstyled hair. The eye make up natural and deferential to the lips.

This mood has crept upon us and is not just reflected in our clothes, our makeup but also our home, our outlook on life. It is a movement probably long over due and delicate in its nature. It is reflected by the recently created Harvey Nichols Pinterest board 'Minimises'. And for all of you beset by a simple approach to things there is James Wallman's Stuffocation, which is a fantastic read and examination of our lifestyles.

Simplicity in our personal style does offer fresh unburdened choices, yet it is important to keep a little bling, tat or brashness to align your true self with this zeitgeist. (Been wanting to use zeitgeist for ages!) What say you folks on this new taste for fashion?

Alexa Chung at AG launch embodying the look

Monday, 2 February 2015

Observations #5

January is a dry month whether you've given up drink or not. Inspiration is thin on the ground as you attempt to organise focus and direction for the year ahead. However for the first time in goodness knows how many years I knew exactly where I was. No more surprise magazine folds or clients to chase, attract, ditch or hope for. This year started as it ended with my work intact, not bad for a freelancer. Not that I'm resting on my laurels. No freelancer worth their salt would think for one minute that all is safe and sound, but not having to currently motivate myself or think about networking, pitches or my portfolio (still haven't done that website!) is a joy. Which made moving into February even more of a pleasure, plus the glass of red wine breaking the back of virtue.

Sometimes having space allows for creative thinking and I've been inspired by my winter walks with my dog to observe colour and light. The weekend walks allow me to notice a myriad of items and absorb their beauty. I have actually developed a fascination with logs! But this is a good thing because looking at matter is a way to imagine space, proportions and relevance. My log love in is taking over my Instagram (which is katetwistedskirt). I'm surprised how many people are being beguiled by logs too! Expect to see logs in a photo shoot soon...

Spot the heart(s)!