Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Notes #3

As I type I'm washing, ironing and packing to vamoosh to France. Yet my holiday packing is disappointing me, as the magazines and daily catalogue drops are fixing my mind firmly on my favourite season Autumn/Winter. It doesn't help that packing for Brittany is more like packing for Cornwall or West Wales, both beautiful and favourite locations but both prey to the vagaries of coastal weather changes.

Still a French excursion doe mean one thing, a ruddy big stock up at the pharmacy.  Whilst I can purchase my favourite moisturiser from Net-A-Porter, a) it is cheaper in France, b) I'm in France and c) there are a whole heap of goodies to snag in addition.

My travel bag is an eclectic mix of things of which I've halved and will probably still not wear half of. Which is the trouble with summer clothes, you stockpile more than necessary. all those missed match bikinis, t-shirts, kaftan style tops and shorts, not to mention maxi dresses. Still I won't care what I'm wearing sat on the decking of an eve sipping French wine from the supermarché.

Essential things for being organised for French holidays & everything else, Knock Knock items from John Lewis from £2.95

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