Friday, 19 September 2014

Observations #2

When it comes to fashion these days, anything goes. There is no point trying to not prove this fact as you only need walk into 5 different fashion stores to validate this aspect of life. The same is true for interior design which equally offers a myriad of options that are in vogue. Does this mean that there can be nothing truly 'in vogue'?

Recently there was a real vogue for Nordic noir in television and books which in itself spun a desire for clothes and items, even eating that reflected this movement. But this vogue was probably pertaining to a specific class of people, who had the inclination and money to be interested in this in the first place. For many caught up in daily matters and scrimping a living is the idea of anything being 'in vogue' really relevant?

Hence, maybe why anything goes, because it allows anything and everything. Yet it seems to mean that then people have to attempt to create an elite vibe that is in vogue. Nowhere is this more true than fashion and lifestyle blogs. Whilst the people of Scotland were fashioning a new path regardless of the outcome of the vote, which sadly for Kingdom of Style was a disappointing outcome, the almost insular world of fashion bloggers are hung up on HOW THEY LOOK and how they look as provided for by the fashion companies. Gone are the days it seems of true creativity although back to Kingdom of Style and a reference to a long ago blogger who used blogging as a platform to create her business Alicia Hannah Naomi  and her blog Sea of Ghosts.

I am particularly fond of her Basalt Pendant  and as with Wendy Brandes Jewellery I like the fact this is creative and inspired by nothing but their own vogue.

Basalt Pendant by Alicia Hannah Naomi

Keeping your own vogue, not being cajoled, envious or wishing you had or were something else should be the new vogue. Whilst a wisp of a thing might look fab in the latest thing and WHAT IS IN might make you feel against the tide if you are not a joiner, one thing the Scottish independence vote has taught me is sometimes it is very very important regardless of the outcome to challenge the status quo.

Make your vogue the in vogue and step away from the crowd because they are being supplied not out of their pockets to display products to make you desire and buy them. Quietly desire, and then look around outside of the crowd to find anything goes.

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