Friday, 23 January 2015

Conversations #4

Have you seen Spiral? This is actually my question de jour touts jours to anyone. Late to the party I have obsessively caught up and am now slightly disappointed I am waiting for the next episode.

image: BBC

Words fail me when I come to discuss why I love this French crime series so much. The characters, the storylines, the fact it is in French, the way it is shot and Laure Berthard (Caroline Proust). Just go to the BBC Four pages on Spiral, otherwise in my excitement I'll link it all at this rate!

Laure is fantastic as a lead female character. I love her inability to care abut what she is wearing and just be herself. Spiral beats everything hands down and I'm weeping that I didn't watch it from the very first episode of Series One as someone happily told me yesterday. I just looked sad and nearly muttered 'putain' under my breath.

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