Thursday, 5 March 2015

Observations #6

It seems to be a fact that food rules. The obvious detail of food as fuel for the body aside, I mean food rules everything. The politics of food production, the food industry, food and obesity...need I go on? Of course then the dominance of food in fashion. Fashion, very high fashion, ordinary fashion favours the thin. People in fashion talk a lot about food but not necessarily eat it. Unless they are overstating the fact they eat burger and fries, when in reality they used to and are really expressing a longing. Please refer to Victoria Secret's Angel's diet/fitness regime.


Yes food rules. It rules social media as well. This fact is borne out by my baking photos on every  on Instagram. The likes on my account at a minimum treble. I have finally realised that the secret to success is food not fashion.

Let them eat .... biscuits

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