Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Conversations #2

In reality this heading should read conversations with myself! But at some point I intend it to be a place where interviews are posted and other conversation as well. Back to me! My main conversation (in my head) and with a bf of mine, Rachel Hubbard ( follow her on twitter @RachelPrytherch) is about health, more specifically fighting the onset of middle age spread.

Rachel is a top sports and fitness person at Aberystwyth University. She has trained me and many others to within an inch of their life and their pain through laughing threshold. Literally, I have, along with many others, almost wet myself laughing thanks to her! Essentially I am in the midst of nagging Rachel to have a proper fitness blog and post more YouTube shorts on specific exercises.

I want to credit Rachel with the Dory Method of fitness. Before I explain further, it is important to clarify why this is so dear to my heart. There are two issues here one is vanity, the other is health. If we deal with the latter we have as a collective moved the notion of what is a healthy weight along in the last decade or so. I don't want to debate weight, there is lots on information on BMI, whether you agree with that measurement or not. Recently the goal posts have been moved downwards although not publicly aired ..yet. A few months ago I was interviewing an orthopaedic surgeon for a magazine. He was hard work because his views are quite brutal.  In fact one of the nurses confirmed that he is to the point always,  as his stock answer to a 20 stone patient complaining about their knee hurting is (brace yourselves) 'it's not your knee that is the problem it is what you put in your mouth.' She dutifully hands them tissues at this point.

Making people cry might seem cruel and hurtful but he has a point, and I used the opportunity for home truths. He didn't hold back. At 5'6" and shrinking (age and children are always a factor but I have a new exercise for this which is simple, hang from a bar as long as possible a few times a week, it stretches the spine) I am also at 10 stone borderline overweight. Of course being a fashion princess I couldn't help but blurt out about clothes size, I'm a comfy size 10 (read almost 12). He rightly pointed out my skeletal frame was small and it didn't need a layer or three of fat on it. We discussed what I weighed at 21 and he suggest to aim for it but allow some pounds for age. Well at 22 I know I was 54 - 56 kilos which is 8 stone 7 to 8 stone 11. Hence my ideal weigh should be 58 kilos, 9 stone 1. Well I'm 64 which is 10 stone 1. Oh heck I thought but then I saw this photo as posted by the lovely Wendy Brandes and vanity kicked health up the ruddy backside!

I'm in the middle in case you don't know! In double denim for Wendy and wearing my Ancient Greek sandals. In truth it is what I put in my mouth and the fact I've slacked off on the gym front.

Back to Rachel and her Dory Method, in short keep swimming! Not necessarily actually swimming but taking the determination of Dory (Finding Nemo folks!) to keep going to obtain your goal. Rachel is off on holiday and she quickly advised me to 'beast the gym', cut fats but not turn to low fat (too much sugar) just reduce proper fat, eat everything wholemeal, and give up alcohol! Yep small portions, no sugar and move more. Everything we know but then try to fad it all up so we can trick no! Back to the orthopaedic surgeon it is what goes into our mouth, reducing the amount is key as is dropping all processed foods. Wish me luck and much Dory-ness!

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  1. Oh blimey I was 8 and half stone and a size ten at 25 when I fell pregnant for Chloe. I say no more. x