Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Notes #5

These days I'm more likely NOT to be on the PR's lists for press days, mainly due to all the magazines I wrote for folding! Honest it wasn't personal, nothing to do with me. And lets not forget I'm a fair weather, not remotely elite blogger, meaning I don't count on that front either! I'm always amused by all of this, the vagaries of fashion promotion and yet I'll always love it.

Having been a jobbing fashion stylist and writer for over ten years I'm used to the fickle politics of fashion and equally I choose to work in a way that fits round my family, well the 8 yr old and the dog. They come first and work is well work. Work is important in terms of income and living. When I was a junior fashion assistant many many years ago, I loved press days as it meant I ate and got things. It was the late 80s times were hard! Now I attend a press day a) if I'm invited, see above and b) if I truly love the brand. Before, I needed to know the products for calling in for shoots or placing the item within magazines, now it is about keeping abreast and focused for the occasional piece I write. My new styling job has a different focus (more about this in another post) and all in all I'm too busy to take time out for press days.

Yet fresh back off hols I couldn't resist going to the Figleaves Christmas press day. When you are a girl who needs support Figleaves is a brand dear to ones bosom. Not only that it was in Claridges, a genius move in my book and as it turned out a delight for le jeune homme. I had to bring him as it was my time with him plus we had to hit John Lewis for school things.

Figleaves is the perfect place to find anything and everything you need when it comes to lingerie, swimwear and nightwear. It is my go to place for underwear, particularly bras. I can never find my size in store so I have to order from Figleaves. I have a favourite product, the Helena balconette  bra by Fantasie.  My only quibble with Fantasie is they don't do this bra in colours. I want a bright red, a cerise pink and maybe a cobalt blue. I love bright pink bras. I prefer to wear a bra that shows than not. Come on everyone knows you are wearing a bra! I don't want to pretend I am not. Of course there are occasions when the bra is discreet, that is what nude ones are for but on the whole I quite like a little glimpse of a bra strap in a colour other than black, white or nude. My plea to Fantasie is please indulge this fashion fantasy of mine.

Talking of fantasy there was a lot of *coughs* erotica going on in the bedroom at Claridges. In line with many other brands but with a definite 'proper' opportunity to provide boudoir lingerie Figleaves have reflected Fifty Shades of Grey. Having not read the books and being more likely see The Inbetweeners 2 than Fifty Shades I passed on the collection, although I did rather like the babydoll item. in their Figleaves London erotique collection.

My favourite items were the pink ruffle pants, a pair of green velvet slippers and some lovely cosy lounge around the house items, especially the cashmere items.

Much of the Christmas collection is perfect for treats and to put on the Christmas wish list. Drop hints now. And of course the 8 year old and I could have lounged around in the Claridges suite for ages, which we did!

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