Thursday, 2 October 2014

Notes #6

It is that moment when FASHION has a moment. And that moment was when Karl, Chanel Karl, Mr Lagerfeld stated the bleedin' obvious with his 'democratisation' of fashion i.e. anything goes!

image: The Guardian

Because there, right bang on the boulevard catwalk was the prophetic sign ' BE YOUR OWN STYLIST' And actually Karl is bang on the money here (because he wants your money) but he knows that the shows we see now are at a pinnacle. Here is Chanel merging street and high end ready to wear. It is no coincidence that he took the narrative from the supermarket to the high street (okay it was a boulevard). The point is he needs to direct the continuation of the House of Chanel and he needs to stamp his views on fashion now. 

You only have to look at the diversity of the shows to understand the days of pronouncements or dictates of hemlines are well and truly over. The designers have preferences and those design preferences are reflected in their collections but no collections are defining moments anymore and I know there are those who will shout but what about 'Celine?' and what about what? What is there anymore in fashion other than personal preference and a few tweaks here and there on colour, texture and print.

Karl is celebrating this fact, we need to own our looks and he is giving us permission. Choose what you like and stick with it. Rely on Chanel for their tweed jackets if you can afford it but if not buy the nail varnish and look in Zara for a 'homage'.

Take note and become your own stylist, ignore the 'must haves' and be guided by what truly suits you and if necessary take a placard out on the streets telling everyone that!


  1. What will this mean for seasonal trends though? *says I who know nothing about current trends* :)

    1. Think seasonal trends will continue but it almost merging - buyers are already buying for A/W15 now!

  2. I like it. I do have a need for a 'real' Chanel jacket one day. I did think this stunt was a tad bizarre. H x