Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Observations #3

Where does the time go? It seems like only yesterday that I had a petit garçon who entered the world as a child of a novice blogger, now the garçon is to be 9 next week! Had I still been blogging on Make Do Style which was originally Make Do & Mend then I would have been celebrating 9 years of blogging.

However the last two years I've been flat out with styling including launching the new Personal Styling service at Elys in Wimbledon. Ironically I have gone from print to blogging, to print, less blogging, no print, no blogging and print. This weaving between media is a nice illustration of nothing is set in stone. Which in turn is a metaphor for style and life!

I give you the now le jeune homme and the front cover of the Elys magazine which I edited and styled. And in case I have no time between now and next year (quite likely) I wish you a Merry Christmas and a super stylish and Happy New Year!



  1. Time fairly races in, doesn't it! Young man looks fantastic, as does Elys!! Well done on both of them :-D

  2. Nine years - that is insane!! But rather fabulous. I'm reading I'll Drink To that by Betty Halbreich, about Bergdorf's personal shopper. I think you'll like it if you've not read it :) xx

    1. I know!! Betty is fabulous, I've always wanted to be like her and now it seems I am lol xx