Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Observations #1

It doesn't take much to get things going on twitter. Whether it is Adam Boulton of Sky News being an idiotic columnist choosing to grade horrific consequences of war and decrying the work Dame Angelina has done. Or the debate about the honours system giving us Dame and Angelina combined. But my favourite has to be the fact Phil Neville, or is it Phillip these days, caused an absolute storm on twitter with his monosyllabic commentary on the England v Italy world cup match.

Twitter comes into its own when there is a comedic note to hit and whilst there is no doubt Phil wasn't the best football commentator we've heard, his twitter 'abuse' was a great distraction on the game in hand. The banter, and it was banter, provided such gems as questioning whether Neville was 'recording an audio book on fishing.'

But best of all was the fact Mr Neville took it all on the chin and laughed about how he loved social media until 24 hours ago. I'm sure some people were downright mean about him but most of us were relieving the tension by commentating on the dreadful commentary. It wasn't the content but the delivery. I swear I nodded off once or twice and it wasn't because I was genuinely tired.

Phil Neville has given us all a lesson in how to digest a storm on twitter and that is laugh it off. I'm now rooting for him to gain experience and improve. It is harsh fact but his brother Gary was a natural from the off, yet he may have had some direction before he started on Sky Sports and obviously the BBC failed to craft Phil in how to deliver commentary. Lets hope Phil can improve on delivery but there is much to admire all round about the Neville brothers and their philosophy.

image: BBC


  1. I didn't think he was that bad. Look what they said about Jamie Carragher when he started, but he is still doing it so I guess people can understand him now! x