Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Unexpected Pleasures #3

It's not often you can just relax and enjoy pointless, directionless time with ones children. Mostly it is a routine of doing stuff, getting places, ensuring others are fed; but sometimes you get lazy hazy moments when you both do nothing but chuck a ball for hours on end at each other.

And this selfie was at the point after all the ball throwing and aimless interaction we came together in pure happiness. It is  a reflection of an unexpected pleasure. For once I am extremely glad of the rise of the selfie and the fact my iPhone goes everywhere with me.


  1. It's good to see you enjoying a happy moment, they are everything.! xo

  2. Lovely picture, sometimes you don't realise how quickly time flies and we don't spend enough time on simple pleasures. We recently booked a holiday cottage and took our two dogs away to Cumbria. We spent the days visiting little dog-friendly villages, walking in forests and spent the evening relaxing with a nice bottle of red wine. It was lovely x